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Fundamental Gospel Baptist Church

Check out our Site, Enter the Fight!

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Are you a Spectator or a Gladiator?

Fight the Good Fight as a Soldier for Christ by...
  1. ...being sure of your Salvation through Faith in Jesus alone.
  2. ...being filled with the Holy Spirit, hearing & heeding the Word.
  3. ...being committed to loving, serving and helping in a NT Church.
  4. ...being bold, persevering, creative, and faithful in witnessing.
  5. ...being open to growing, changing, and trusting in the Lord.

How you can be sure you're going to Heaven.  Good News Here...
The only authority you can trust concerning eternity is God our Creator who has spoken definitively through the Holy Bible.  God says...
God is Holy, Just and Good.  God's Heaven is perfect.  There is no darkness, sin, sickness, death or crime in Heaven.  Read Revelation 20-21.
We are all sinners (all have broken God's Holy Law and are sinners by birth and transgression).  Romans 3:10-23.
We all deserve death and Hell as God's penalty for sin.  Romans 6:23a and Revelations 20:15. There is a payday can be sure.
We all have a savior who has demonstrated God's love by dying in the sinner's place paying your penalty.  (Romans 5:8, 6:23b) This Savior is Jesus Christ, the perfect God-man.  Jesus died according to Scripture, He was buried, HE AROSE bodily in the resurrection and He was seen by many witnesses afterwards.  This is the GOSPEL message (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). 
You must repent of sin (change your mind, direction and attitude) and receive Jesus Christ personally by believing on Him, calling in prayer upon his Name and asking Him to save you.  (Romans 10:9,10,13)
If you are doing this sincerely...please email me or call me so I can rejoice with you in your decision and help you further in your spiritual life. or 510-393-9871.

Opportunity abounds at FGBC...

  1. Learn to testify for God.
  2. Learn to serve in Worship.
  3. Learn to show hospitality.
  4. Learn to control emotions.
  5. Learn to drive others to church.
  6. Learn to be unselfish with money.
  7. Learn to support missionaries.
  8. Learn to maintain church grounds.
  9. Learn to paint the church building.
  10. Learn to love & help unruly children.

When will you take that first step and be our guest at FGBC?  Don't wait until it's too late!  SUMMER DVBS 2008 :) COMING SOON...July 7th-11th.  Call Pastor Derek Jung for registration or to help in some capacity  510-393-9871.

Fundamental Gospel Baptist Church * 152 Taurus Ave * Oakland * California * 94611

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