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Fundamental Gospel Baptist Church

Come to our Conference, Join us in Church Planting out West!

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Who are you Following, who is Following Christ in Church Planting?

Learn about Church Planting...
  1. ...examining your motives in light of Scripture and the Spirit of God.
  2. ...examining your means in love of Souls and the Sacrifice for God.
  3. ...examining your music in longing for Service and the Sovereignty of God.
  4. ...examining your methods in looking for Security and the Supply from God.
  5. ...examining your measurements of learning in Submission and the Superiority of God.

How can you be sure you're serving where God wants you to be serving?.  Truth for service...
Be certain your salvation is God's Work and you are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works.  Jesus says...
Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men (Matthew 4:19).  Paul says, "Follow me as I follow Christ".  Who is your Paul?  See 1 Corinthians 11:1..
Who are you following here on earth that is following Christ?
We need to be joint followers of Christ.  Consider the human element in church planting. Join a church planting team.
This conference will help you to discern truth and find application in church planting.  You will be exposed to alternate to the "deputation" model of home missions and learn from the Apostle Paul's example and exhortation concerning support. 
You will learn about church planting that involves leadership training and the long range vision of planting many small churches not only one main or big one. We will compare and contrast the American Church Corporate Business Model with the New Testament Spiritual Church Family Model.
If you sincerely want to do Church Planting in the West this conference will help you Scripturally, practically, and immediately with regard to understanding motives, methods, and money from a different perspective than is advocated in most churches, boards, and schools. or 510-393-9871.

Opportunity abounds at FGBC...

  1. Learn to testify for God.
  2. Learn to serve in Worship.
  3. Learn to show hospitality.
  4. Learn to control emotions.
  5. Learn to drive others to church.
  6. Learn to be unselfish with money.
  7. Learn to support missionaries.
  8. Learn to maintain church grounds.
  9. Learn to paint the church building.
  10. Learn to love & help unruly children.

When will you take that first step and be our guest at FGBC?  Don't settle for the status quo!  Come to the... CHURCH PLANTING CONFERENCE 2012 - APRIL 16-18th, 2012.  Call Pastor Derek Jung for registration or to help in some capacity  510-393-9871.

Fundamental Gospel Baptist Church * 618 Victoria Court * San Leandro * California * 94577

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